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No New Posts Guest Centre

Hello guest! Welcome to Blue Moon Herds, a respected member of the Proboards community since 2007! Since our start, we have wrote and entertained over 2,000 developing and recreational writers! We accept all writing levels, incuding beginning Role Players up to advanced Role Players. We have a vast range of writers, who had their very own humble starts on this site years ago. Since our oldest members have joined, they have bloomed into professional, Role Players and authors. There is a positive and welcoming community here, the staff closely interacts with all members, and every member is instantly accepted in the tight-knit and loving BMH family. If you have any questions about joining our site, or any other question, feel free to post them in this board. Welcome to Blue Moon Herds!

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No New Posts Affiliation Area

Hello, affiliating guest! If you are wanting to affiliate with Blue Moon Herds, you may do so here! Please read the Rules and Regulations thread in this board before you make your affiliate request post, or there is a chance your request will be deleted! Your RPG forum must be horse/wolf based to affiliate with BMH. Thank you for choosing to affiliate with Blue Moon Herds!

2 2 Our Banners
by .cay
Aug 6, 2011 16:05:43 GMT -7
No New Posts Advertisement Area

Hello, advertising guest! Feel free to post your advertisements in this board. Your RPG forum must be horse/wolf based, and must not include graphic breeding. Any forums that do not conform to these rules will be deleted from the advertisement board. Thank you for choosing to advertise on Blue Moon Herds!

18 18 somewhere only we know ( a city animal roleplay )
by sowk administrator
Jun 27, 2012 22:52:40 GMT -7
No New Posts Role Playing Rules

Hello, BMH member! Thank you for taking the time before you start to role play to read over these rules and regulations. Members who do not conform to these rules will be given two warnings before a ban. We encourage you to ask about something if you are unsure about its' validity! You may make a thread in this board or talk to a staff member on the cBox.

1 1 Rules And Regulations For Role Playing
by .cay
May 18, 2011 13:44:49 GMT -7
No New Posts Thread Heaven

Old posts that no one plays anymore, posts that have come to their sad (but inevitable) conclusion, posts that have been frozen due to an infraction... Yes, all of these have to go somewhere. Where do old posts go when they die? No, it's not up with the wolf God, Alpha, or the horse Goddess, Tiana. It is up here, to the Thread Heaven. Step carefully, or you may just miss your mark and fall through the soft, white clouds...

6 64 Satan Is My Savior
by ` k i w i `
Aug 7, 2012 11:49:07 GMT -7
No New Posts Member Centre

Hello, members. This is an area where you can post anything you like. Such as, games, songs, lyrics, short stories, charater lists, anything yur little heart desires.

Mwah. Xx

22 39 My Best Work Yet
by insanity
Aug 7, 2014 22:49:03 GMT -7
No New Posts Staff Room

This is where the staff come together to talk about important things, such as updates for the site, MOTM & COTM, etc. Only staff are allowed access into here!

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`character centre

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No New Posts Character Registry

This is where you create, register, and await the approval of a staff member, your characters! First time Role Players (or new BMH'er's, and you old-timers that need a refresher course!) please read the Rules and Regulations before you start your biography, otherwise it has the potential to be frozen until you speak with a staff member, or even deleted. So PLEASE read over the rules before you start.

There is no character limit for members as of yet.

7 10 New character
by Racing
Feb 5, 2013 15:09:44 GMT -7
No New Posts Characters Of The Blue Moon Herds

Come here to see, and read up on, the characters created by the members of Blue Moon Herds. These are bigraphies for all characters, and have been accepted by the staff as extraordinary lupine and equine specimens.

Enjoy your stay! (:

22 36 WOOF goes The FOX
by Racing
Nov 26, 2013 15:29:53 GMT -7
No New Posts The Bazaar

This is a huge collection of buildings and big, flashy stalls. There are a million things that catch your eye temptingly. You are sure that anything your heart desires, it would be found here. There are some beings eyeing your purse hungrily, and you clutch it tightly with one hand before moving on.

NOTE TO ART VENDORS: Contact please a staff member by PM if you wish to have a stall set up in the Bazaar.

--CayCollie Graphics [Art Vendor]
--Nicholĕ Studios [Art Vendor]
--The Pavilion [Main BMH Store]

Sub-boards: CayCollie Graphics, Nicholĕ Studios, The Pavilion

3 33 The Pavilion [updated May 18, 2011]
by Racing
Sept 6, 2013 16:00:19 GMT -7
No New Posts Plot Den

This is a warm comfy area with big leather couches, fluffy blankets, a large and intricate coffee maker, well-stocked min-fridge, etc, that members can come to chill and talk about the plots between their characters.

This is also a place where you can post a plot that you need people to join. If so, please start your thread title with NP: OPEN followed by your character's name(s).

NOTE: There may sometimes be a full site plot. This means all members are involved and must participate. Full Site Plots will be posted in the announcements and shown on the News Ticker.

8 20 Northern Lights Pack
by TheBadGuy
Jan 17, 2013 22:52:50 GMT -7

`in character

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No New Posts The Destiny Glen

This gorgeous meadow is surrounded by a huge outcropping of ancient oak trees. It is of a monstrous size, but is completely sheltered because the trees form a complete circle around the meadow. There are many private areas here; in large bushes or drooping trees. Horses and wolves seem to be gravitationally attracted here; their hearts fluttering before they even step foot into it. This is traditionally where potential partners meet. It is also where existing partners may mate.


1 16
No New Posts Forest Of The Night-Mare

This hallowed place is dank and dark in every way. It seems to draw in and hide light in its' bowels, while revealing no light between the grotesque and terrifying trees. If some innocent should wander into the place, they'd be lost forever unless found in time... Of course, you never know who might find you in here.

Lead Forcer: Fornever Ending
Alpha Forcer: Apocalyptic Mythic Desire


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No New Posts The Catacombs

Every brute you can imagine stalks these tunnels, slaves in hand. Barters go on everywhere, masters haggling the prices of their property. The entrance leads to many smaller tunnels, each of them eventually leading back to the main trade cavern. A slave could get lost for years in here and still not find it's way out if it lacks a sufficiant guide. Blood and wasted carcasses fill the darker places, cages line the walls. What could be worse than being abandoned here to whoever wishes to have you?

1 24 Cornicopea Of Opiates [For Thyme & Racing]
by Racing
Aug 12, 2012 22:56:22 GMT -7


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No New Posts Aphrodite's Mountain

This is both a beautiful and rugged terrain. This shining mountain range is home to many creatures, and also has housed generations of wolves. On the tallest peaks, one can sometimes hear the anguished cry of a long gone silver wolf, as he threw himself from the ledge. There are many caves which can house a pack of wolves.

Alpha Male: Hale
Beta Male: Position Available

Heir: None Yet

3 36 From the Highest Peak
by Racing
Feb 5, 2014 21:36:44 GMT -7
No New Posts Hoofhard Moors

These extensive moors shine with life. There are foothills here, as the moors foot to Aphrodite's Mountain. In and amongst the foothills are little groves, and some dug out dens large enough for a pack. There are many creeks flush with fish in the warm months. When the wind is at its' height, and a wolf listens hard enough, you can hear the howling of a mother who had her pups stolen from her an eternity ago. In a bad storm, her howls can even lead an awry wolf home.

Alpha Male: Position Available
Beta Male: Position Available

Heir: None Yet

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No New Posts Shuck's Jungle

In this wild jungle, all sorts of predators lurk. Enormous jungle cats, snakes large enough to make a quick morsel of a full grown stag, and many others. It is a dark, shadowy place that harbours many secrets. Wolves that live here are known to make habits in the treetops, large and sturdy enough for a pack. They even manage to make small dens in the trunks of the huge, supporting trees. This may be the only way they can escape the dangers of the ground.

Alpha Male: Apocalyptic Mystic Desire
Beta Male: Position Available

Heir: None Yet

2 20 Fairytales Sell Better On The Black Market
by ` k i w i `
Jul 17, 2012 13:27:08 GMT -7
No New Posts Floodplaines

In this desolate terrace, there is nowhere to hide. The land is saturated with water every season of the year. It is a vast prairie-land with few outcroppings of trees. It borders the huge river that divides it with the moor. However, in the middle of the land is a huge erratic, carried down from the mountains in the ice age of myth and legend. This enormous rock is easily five wolf-lengths high, though a wolf has to swim in equally deep water. Once on this erratic, there is hollwed out areas in the face of the rock that serves as dens.

Alpha Male: Savage Curse
Beta Male: Position Available

Heir: Savage Skeleton

2 12 I Have No Skeletons In My Armoire
by .cay
Jul 23, 2011 23:30:44 GMT -7


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No New Posts The Orchard Of Origin

This beautiful orchard is expansive and filled with almost every kind of fruit imaginable. In the centre is a tightly woven glade surrounded by trees, where a herd could rest for the night, safely. It is here in legend that Tiana herself stepped foot and conceived the equine with Gorgio. It is said to be a blessed and safe terra.

Lead Stallion: Civis Romanus Sum
Deputy Stallion: Position Available

Heir: None Yet

1 1 (CLAIM) Civis's Territory
by insanity
Sept 6, 2013 21:21:19 GMT -7
No New Posts Opal Beach

Scattered with these sparkling, milky coloured stones is a stunning beach. White sand penetrates the glacial blue waters. Along where the beach rises into a very steep cliff, there are little cloves ingrown into the face. These stretch for miles into the cliffs, and have many different rooms, with underground flora and even glacial streams.

Lead Stallion: Scar Tissue
Deputy Stallion: Position Available

Heir: None Yet

2 5 China Dolls and Crimson Feathers
by Racing
Dec 12, 2012 21:06:30 GMT -7
No New Posts Desert Of Palind

Shards of glass smaller than grains of rice lay underhoof here. They glitter and shine in the sun, as if they were diamonds and not sand. In this hot, desolate area, there are huge sand dunes that tower over all. The horses that live here find solace in the mysterious oasis, which never appears to be in more than one place at a time...

Lead Stallion: Always Forever Samning
Deputy Stallion: Position Available

Heir: None Yet

1 1 They Will Not Control Us | We Will Be Victorious
by .cay
Jul 24, 2011 23:04:05 GMT -7
No New Posts City Of The Fallen

Cracking and eroding rock formations litter the terra. Towers from ancient civilizations lean precariously over horses as they ghost through the land. If it is refuge they seek, they may find it in a building that is at least half standing, still. The weather is always cold and wet here, striking deep into the bones of the inhabitants. Not many can last long in such unforgiving habitats...

Lead Stallion: Fornever Ending
Deputy Stallion: Position Available

Heir: Never Ending Lust

3 8 Folklore Enters (Is anyone there?)
by Racing
Sept 7, 2013 12:56:46 GMT -7


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